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CMOK is a digital space for the myriad virtual happenings at Taubman College. A hub for gatherings, events, exhibitions, and other social experiments.

Pan through the virtual “city” of objects, furniture, and follies to see what is happening at Taubman College. Click on a room to reveal details and other links. Drop in to active studio webinars to hear the conversation or follow the links to website galleries. Sort events by date or type. Each object presents the opportunity to join a different part of the Taubman community and participate in the work they are doing.

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Where is the CMOK spreadsheet?:

It can be accessed at https://index.cmok.us

I am getting an error saying the room is for "authorized attendees only":

In order to join a room, you need to be logged into a Zoom account. It can be any Zoom account and does not need to be Michigan affiliated. If you do not already have one, you can sign up for a free account at https://zoom.us/signup

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